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We came up with the Puckeye netcam idea in the summer of 2015, and after one year of design, test and fine-tuning, we now have the fine product we offer you today. Manufactured in the heart of hockey loving Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, each unit is hand poured and inspected by our highly trained staff to ensure a quality product every time.

Jamie came up with the idea when watching highlight reel plays from the netcam’s angle. “It offered a great perspective of up close action from the goalie’s view. I thought it would be fun to get my own highlights, and lowlights, on camera. ” Just for myself, I came up with a rudimentary stainless steel box filled with foam insulation to hold my action camera in place. I took it to Ken to coat it with a rubberized coating to increase it’s shock dampening attributes.

We brainstormed and had the idea to create the entire case out of the polymer. Tough as steel, yet offering even more force reducing capabilities to absorb the impact of high speed pucks to protect the camera inside.

We then quickly realized, these videos are special for goalies of all ages and skill levels, including minor hockey goalies for self-review of practices or games to help improve their play, tournaments to offer some amazing souvenirs to players and goalies alike, as well as beer league tenders who want to remember that highlight save for years to come.


Puckeye’s quality starts and ends with it’s high grade materials. The case is dual-component, both being of a proprietary shock-resistant polymer, making it solid as a 14 tonne tank, stopping any puck shot directly at it.


Puckeye’s compact design ensures your camera remains a small target in the net, while providing enough shot stopping protection from the hardest of shots. The lens opening provides unobstructed view on “wide” video settings, allowing for both posts and most of the crossbar and goal line to be visible.


Nothing is worse than having your camera pop loose or lose it’s positioning during the action. Puckeye’s aluminum wedge ensures your camera stays exactly in place all game long!


Rather than metal on metal to affix the case to the center post, which tends to slip or spin when hit at an angle, we have a closed cell foam gasket which removes any gaps, producing a slip free seal.


When looking to install the netcam for just your hour of ice time, time is tight and ice is expensive. Puckeye’s clamp system ensures quick, no tool’s required, attachment and detachment from the net.

Still not convinced? Check out our Media Gallery for more action!


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